How do you repair a broken conversation?

Daena Giardella reveals the secret to repairing a broken conversation. It has happened to all of us before. Find out how to get back on track after your conversation derails.

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Daena Giardella's Acting Laboratory

Read Daena's latest article in Imagine Magazine where she brings you on her journey as an acting teacher and coach and takes you inside her improvisational acting laboratory!

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Coaching from the Moment: Creativity and the Art of Change - Have you ever yearned for better access to your creativity and spontaneity as you search for ways to inspire and motivate clients? Do you want to bring more passion, presence, and confidence to your work? Do you sometimes find that you get triggered by certain “characters” or behaviors that “push your buttons” or “hook you”?

Finding the Yes Within No - When we're resisting, we're saying "No" to the offers of the present moment. Try entering and owning the "No," in order to find the hidden "Yes."


The Earth is Quaking: Some Reflections on the Asia Tragedy - Read Daena's piece on the recent tsunami trajedy in Asia. - Featured in Earthstar Magazine

The Art of Transitions - "The art of transitions is the practice of creativity in its purest form. Improvisation is a skill base that is beautifully suited to help people cultivate elegant dexterity in these moment-to-moment transitions. It is the art of dealing with the unexpected with an attitude of 'yes', especially when we don’t know where we are going." This piece by Daena is about mastering the art of transition in our work and everyday life. - Featured in Imagine News
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