Consulting What Daena's clients have to say about her training programs
Volvo Program for Managers (more endorsements)

    What Have I Learned?

    "The more prepared you are, the easier it is to improvise. Many messages are sent out unconsciously depending on body language and choice of words. Listen, try to understand, empathy – very important to get your message across."

    "Improvisation and leadership are parallel."

    "The experience was great and refreshing. I learned about being in the moment."

    "Presence is important, being here and now when speaking to people."

    "I learned about my comfort zone, dialogue techniques, the importance of body language, and the Yes AND mindset vs Yes BUT."

    "Be in the present. Look to make the other person the hero. Don’t always focus on the next steps – you may lose the opportunity to do things now."

    "As a leader, learn how to manage, move, support."

    "Importance of listening and taking in other peoples’ reactions."

    "Learned about being genuinely in improvisation, using yes and...instead of yes but."

    "Be yourself. The human side is important, to make a real leader/manager. Be able to change."

    "I learned a lot about preparation and improvisation: The moment vs. the target. Learned about understanding the environment, making a 360° perception / sensing the 'hidden intent.' Moving out of the comfort zone."

    "I learned how to improvise, build, and be more constructive in discussions as well as how to play different roles in different situations"

    "I have to learn to fail. Understand the culture; not the same behaviour everywhere."

    "I learned the importance of making someone else look good, to be present in the moment now, and the body language is important."

    "'Yes and' Improves the trust environment in the whole organization."

    "Very good insights on why we act as we do."

    Measures I Will Take When I Am Back Home...

    "Be more conscious of the team roles in group discussions."

    "Improvisational leadership, be present in the moment, be authentic, listen to the unsaid."

    "Gained Immediate applicable behavioral skills in my daily life."

    "Reinforced leadership."

    "Be even more at ease with truth."

    "Observe more, use improvisation skills. Use more ‘ AND, instead of ‘BUT."

    "Listen more, be more observant."

    "Apply the Improvisational Leadership skills in my daily work."

    "Be more conscious about being in the moment. Be more conscious about higher/lower status of myself and the other when interacting."

    "See the thought."

    "Push myself to assume 'witness' and 'supporter' roles. Use improvisation as a tool in my team."

    "Reflect and be more aware when interacting with other people. Observing how other interacts."

    "Apply the learning for different roles."

    "Reflection; the 4 roles, yes-and, exit-lines..."

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