Consulting What Daena's clients have to say about her training programs
Portugal Telecom (PT) Program for Managers
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    "I learned how to use improvisational leadership techniques to manage a difficult conversation. How important it is to be flexible and use "Yes, and..." offers and don't block with "Yes, but, " but rather build on what the other person says."

    "Very, Very useful techniques. A big thank you!!"

    "I learned how to stretch my comfort zone to find new influence strategies as a leader."

    "Take risks and don't be afraid to fail. Get out of your comfort zone. Be genuine. I loved this session!"

    "As a manager I learned the importance of an open mind. Listening. Having a Yes, and attitude and engaging with others."

    "I gained a better understanding of the importance of empathy, reading the room and dealing with the unexpected. I was amazed by the level of engagement and commitment of everyone and the feeling of trust and sharing. Many thanks for an amazing day."

    "Empathy from the heart, not from the "script." Make and accept offers. Change status."

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